About the Financial Supervisory Authority

The Financial Supervisory Authority is a regulatory organisation charged with the task of supervising financial enterprises, referred to as regulated entities. The Authority currently has a staff of one hundred and fifteen employees, many of them educated in fields such as economics, cybernetics, law, engineering and business administration.

About FME

Organisation Chart

FME has adopted a new organisation chart. There are now four supervisory units: Banking, Insurance and pensions, Markets and business conduct and Compliance and inspections. The remaining divisions are the Director General's Office, Chief Legal Counsel and Administration, Human Resources and Information Technology, which provide ancillary services to the three supervisory units.

General Information

The Financial Supervisory Authority has adopted a new focus on a more proactive enforcement of observance of the law and honest practices through preventive monitoring, professional analysis and enhanced transparence. The FME strategy reflects this new focus as does it´s organisation chart.


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