General information on the Authority's activities

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FME) is a regulatory organisation charged with the task of supervising financial enterprises, referred to as regulated entities. The Authority currently has a staff of one hundred and fifteen employees, many of them educated in fields such as economics, cybernetics, law, engineering and business administration.

The administration of the Financial Supervisory Authority is entrusted to a board of directors composed of three members. The role of the board is to identify the points of emphasis in the work of the Financial Supervisory Authority and oversee its activities and operations. Major decisions must be referred to the board for approval. The board appoints a director general, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Authority.

The board of directors has established rules on its work. Among other things, the rules provide for the qualifications of individual board members and a definition of major decisions. The board is appointed by the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs for a term of four years. One member is nominated by the Central Bank of Iceland. Alternate members are appointed in the same manner.

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Asta Thorarinsdottir, Chairman of the Board
  • Gudrun Thorleifsdottir, Vice Chairman of the Board 
  • Arnor Sighvatsson, Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iceland

Alternate members:

  • Fridrik Arsaelsson, attorney
  • Andri Fannar Bergthorsson, Assistant Professor at Reykjavik University
  • Gudrun Ogmundsdottir, Head of Department at the Central Bank of Iceland

Management of the Financial Supervisory Authority: 

  • Unnur Gunnarsdottir, Director General
    Short CV
  • Jon Thor Sturluson, Deputy Director General
    Short CV
  • Anna Mjoll Karlsdottir, Chief Legal Counsel
  • Arni Ragnar Stefansson, Director, Human Resources
  • Bjarni Thor Gislason, Cief IT Officer
  • Bjork Sigurgisladottir, Director, Compliance and inspections
  • Finnur Sveinbjornsson, Director, Banking
  • Gudmar Gudmundsson, Director, Administration
  • Pall Fridriksson, Director, Markets and business conduct
  • Runar Gudmundsson, Director, Insurance and pensions


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