Notifications of net short positions to the Central Bank of Iceland

Net short positions must be notified to the Central Bank of Iceland and shall be sent no later than 15:30 on the business day after the notification obligation has been created.

Before a party notifies its short position or that of another party, it must register as a user in the Central Bank's system. If there is an error in a notification that has already been sent, a correction must be sent to the Central Bank using a notification cancellation form.

Forms for notifications of short positions

Notifications shall be made using the following forms:

Forms for shares

Notification of short position - shares

Cancellation of notification - shares

Forms for sovereign debt

Notification of short position - sovereign debt

Cancellation of notification - sovereign debt

Forms for sovereign credit default swaps (CDS)

Notification of short position - CDS

Cancellation of notification - CDS

Short position notifications

The Central Bank will publish daily, no later than 15:30 on the next business day, significant net short positions in the shares listed below:

Notification dateName IssuerISINPercentPosition dateAthugasemd
2024-06-11Íslandsbanki hf.Kvika banki hf.IS00000204690,142024-06-10Fer undir 0,5%
2024-06-10Íslandsbanki hf.Kvika banki hf.IS00000204690,582024-06-07
2024-06-06Íslandsbanki hf.Kvika banki hf.IS00000204690,612024-06-05
2022-05-02Fagfjárfestasjóðurinn Algildi slhfVátryggingafélag Íslands hf.IS00000070780,092022-05-02Fer undir 0,5%
2022-05-02Fagfjárfestasjóðurinn Algildi slhfVátryggingafélag Íslands hf.IS00000070780,502022-04-29
2022-03-09Kvika eignastýring hf.Vátryggingafélag Íslands hf.IS00000070780,322022-03-08Fer undir 0,5%
2022-03-08Kvika eignastýring hf.Vátryggingafélag Íslands hf.IS00000070780,532022-03-07
2020-10-08Fagfjárfestasjóðurinn Algildi slhfReitir fasteignafélag hfIS00000203520,312020-10-07Aðili fer undir 0,5%
2020-10-06Fagfjárfestasjóðurinn Algildi slhfReitir fasteignafélag hfIS00000203520,582020-10-05
2020-09-29Fagfjárfestasjóðurinn Algildi slhfReitir fasteignafélag hfIS00000203520,722020-09-28
2020-09-23Fagfjárfestasjóðurinn Algildi slhfReitir fasteignafélag hfIS00000203520,532020-09-22
2020-09-18Fagfjárfestasjóðurinn Algildi slhfReitir fasteignafélag hfIS00000203520,812020-09-18Aðili fer yfir birtingarmörk
2017-08-23GAMMA Capital Management hfN1 hf.IS00000205840,232017-08-23Fer undir 0,5%
2018-05-03GAMMA Capital Management hfN1 hf.IS00000205840,932017-08-04Leiðrétting
2018-05-02GAMMA Capital Management hfN1 hf.IS00000205840,802017-08-03Leiðrétting
2018-05-02GAMMA Capital Management hfN1 hf.IS00000205840,602017-07-11Leiðrétting
2018-05-02GAMMA Capital Management hfN1 hf.IS00000205840,722017-07-07Leiðrétting


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