Notify the Authority of a short position

Short positions must be declared to the Authority.

The notification must be sent no later than 15:30 on the business day after the position has been taken.

The notification shall be made using the following forms.

Before notifying the Authority of a short position, either your own or someone else's, you need to register as a user with the Authority.

If there is an error in the notification that has been sent, you must notify the Authority by using the correction form.

Please use the appropriate correction form here below.


Notification of short position - shares

Cancellation of notification - shares

Sovereign debt:

Notification of short position - sovereign debt

Cancellation of notification - sovereign debt

Credit default swaps:

Notification of short position - CDS

Cancellation of notification - CDS

Short position notifications

The Authority will publish significant short positions daily, not later than at 15:30 on the following trading day, in the table here below.

Nothing found.



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