29.11.2011 : Status of pension funds in 2010

A report containing information from the annual financial statements of pension funds for the year 2010 is available at the Financial Supervisory Authority's (FME) website. There is also an Excel file that contains statistical information from the report. The main results of the report are the following:

13.10.2011 : Rules on remuneration policy for financial undertakings

The Financial Supervisory Authority in Iceland published rules on remuneration policy for financial undertakings on 30 June 2011. The rules apply limits on variable remuneration. According to the rules, the aggregate of variable remuneration including deferred payments, which is granted to an employee per annum, shall not amount to more than 25% of the annual salary of the employee in question, exclusive of variable remuneration.

6.5.2011 : Results of Icelandic insurance undertakings in 2010

The Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland (FME) has published tables containing the annual accounts of insurance companies with a licence in Iceland and the result of insurance classes in 2010.

12.4.2011 : An Abstract of the FME Annual Report 2010 is now available in English.

The report discusses the rebuilding of the Icelandic financial system and the organisation and operation of the Authority, in addition to discussing the prospects of the future.

11.1.2011 : Financial Supervisory Authority and Central Bank of Iceland conclude improved cooperation agreement

The Financial Supervisory Authority and the Central Bank of Iceland have concluded a new cooperation agreement that provides for closer and more systematic collaboration than stipulated in a previous agreement. The aim of the agreement is to promote a sound, effective, and safe financial system in Iceland, including payment and settlement systems. The Central Bank of Iceland and the Financial Supervisory Authority are required by law, according to Article 35 of the Act on the Central Bank of Iceland, no. 36/2001, and Article 15 of the Act on Official Supervision of Financial Activities, no. 87/1998, to conclude a cooperation agreement.

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