The Central Bank of Iceland shall store information made public in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of Act no. 20/2021 on the disclosure obligation of issuers of securities and Disclosure obligations of issuers and flagging requirements. The information shall be stored electronically in a Central Storage Facility System.

In order to fulfil this obligation, the Central Bank has entered into an agreement with NASDAQ Iceland regarding the use of Central Storage Facility System software. The agreement also covers services and operation of the system, which must meet the European Union's security and accessibility requirements, in accordance with the recommendation of the European Union of 11 October 2007.

The link to the storage system is http://www.oam.is/.

Service desk

Standard forms:

When using the form Major holdings for disclosure of major shareholder announcements, please file the form as an attachment when filing with the OAM.

Standard form – Notification of the acquisition or disposal of major proportions of voting rights

Notes on the form


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