30.6.2010 : Financial Supervisory Authority and Central Bank of Iceland issue guidelines to financial undertakings

The Financial Supervisory Authority and the Central Bank of Iceland have decided to issue guidelines to financial institutions due to non-binding clauses linking loans to the exchange rate. The guidelines are as follows:

11.6.2010 : The FME Annual Report 2009 is now available in English

The FME Annual Report 2009 is now available in English. The report discusses the fall of the Icelandic commercial banks in October 2008, government measures taken as a result of the bank crisis and the significant changes that occurred in the Icelandic financial market in the wake of the economic collapse.

3.6.2010 : Most Icelandic insurance companies show profit in 2009

The Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland (FME) has published tables containing the annual accounts of insurance companies with a licence in Iceland and the result of insurance classes in 2009.

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