CEIOPS Second Quantitative Impact Study (QIS2)


FME has asked insurance companies to participate in QIS2, in order to acquire insight into the impact of Solvency II, the new solvency and supervisory standard in preparation by the European Commission, with the advice of CEIOPS (The Committee of Insurance and Occupational Pension Supervisors), see CEIOPS  press release.

FME firmly believes that the participation of Icelandic companies is important, both for the companies' own preparation for Solvency II and for the future analysis of the impact of the new standard on smaller companies.
The specifications and spreadsheets can be found on the CEIOPS website

FME's contact persons during this exercise will be Sigurður F. Jónatansson and Halldóra E. Ólafsdóttir .
Insurance companies can submit data to FME until 31 July.


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